Lost in Your Light








Cheers to my first post for the year! My site has taken a back seat after all the things happening in my life in the past month. There were blessings and problems on top of another, coupled with endless tears brought about either by pain or joy – or in rare cases, both, as you break down because of intoxication. After all this mess,  life is still good like I always say, for I’m training my mind to focus on the positive. It’s very necessary to take a breather for a while and just spend days and nights out with your friends. Oh, and don’t forget to spend time alone, too!

I am currently feeling the pangs of growing up. The reminisce bump I am feeling is stronger than ever but I am slowly accepting that I am changing, that I am no longer a kid, that I should be in charge of myself when I am alone. The past few weeks have been a testament of my own independence, I’ve been almost anywhere and most of the time I’m all alone.  I feel very independent and free, this means that I am really entering the world of adulthood. Yikes. I’m also in the process of accepting that I’m graduating. Entering a new environment and experiencing something new is not easy and that’s given, I just need mental preparation for all the new things ahead of me. I’m quite excited because graduating signifies that I made it this far and things are already falling into place.

How’s 2018 so far? I’m lost but I’ll find my way out. Things will be better in time!

Photos by Lourdes Dimalanta


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