Surprise! Surprise! You’re right. It’s me! I’m back to blogging! Welcome back, my dear followers. It hurts to see my website traffic go down the drain after months of blogging hiatus. I missed this! There are lots of things happening lately and I’d like to share some with all of you. Welcome to another Sunday Currently series, the last one I made was way back 2015. Let’s do a round up of the things I’m doing at present.



my old blog posts (I missed doing these!), new recipes and baking techniques, and a number of skin care product reviews about Korean beauty products. I can’t wait to share with you all of the experiences with the new products I have. And please don’t forget to watch out for my new creations. Follow @DreiTalks and Drei Bakes!


this surprise drop blog post. It’s been a while since I last drafted and I’m taking advantage of this term break.


to Ariana Grande’s discography because I love how powerful she’s getting each day. With all the traumatic events that has happened to her in the past two years, I just admire how she’s able to overcome everything and how she’s able to produce quality music. She keeps on breathin and breathin and breathiiiin. Kidding, I honestly think that this era is her best! Thank you, next. Aside from Ariana’s, I’m hooked on Malibu Nights and the classic LANY songs.


of Christmas and Holiday plans already. I have so much love for this time of the year and there are lots of things to be grateful for if I only divert my attention to things that really matter. #FaithHopeLove


The Body Shop’s White Musk eau de parfum! It’s a combination of my favorite scents in one bottle. No wonder why it was Ji Eun Tak’s perfume in Goblin. Smells like heaven! Also, I’ve been obsessed with scented candles. I bought Krispy Kreme scented candles and now my room smells like a cute cafe. Looooove!


for a looooong weekend. And for good final grades. Lord help me! Last na, I’m wishing for good restaurants to locate in Clark Global City. It’s my new fave place! Can’t wait to see how this place will look like in the next ten years! Amazing!


that I’ll still be classmates with my college friends. I miss them so much I can’t imagine my second semester without them. Huhu.


Uniqlo from head to toe. It’s been a year since I got featured! Haha! #smallvictories


everything in my life right now. No words.


to lose weight and get clearer skin. Entering college and having a baking business is a bad bad bad combination. You gain weight, get stressed, and get acne. Haaay.


a catch up with my high school friends. Ahhhhhhh,  I miss you all so much. You all know who you are!


happy because I am away from school. I’m. Not. even. kidding. If I could only focus on our business rather than going to college, I would. I am totally willing to devote my time and energy to business, actually. Haha! But of course, kailangan pa ring mag-aral. 

What I’m wearing: Uniqlo

Shoot Location: Clark Global City

LIFE LATELY : College Adjustments, Turning 19, and Some Unfortunate Events


Both July and August served as the “bump months” of this year. Everything was overwhelming that I didn’t have time for this online platform of mine. I’m now sharing with you another post after almost two months, instead of the customary monthly post. Here’s what happened in my digital absence…

College Adjustments. – I ain’t kidding when I say that I WAS CRYING FOR THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW because of adjustments. I’ll admit that I wasn’t a hundred percent ready for it. But because I grew up roaming around AUF, and knowing a lot of people in the university, I felt at ease because  it’s not a strange environment anymore, plus I get to see familiar faces because my high school friends are also in the same campus. Letting high school go is difficult and the extra two years made it worse! It’s like breaking up with a lover. Naks. Haha! Hirap mag move on!

Making new friends. – On a lighter note, it’s super refreshing to meet and be with like minded people. It’s absolutely a clean slate! No drama, no toxic people. Mababait ang mga blockmates ko and most of them are gc (in a good way) like me! Most of them are just like me. I just love how I share the same interests, talents, and thoughts with most of them. Pare-pareho rin kaming mahina sa Math kaya di ko nararamdaman masyado yung kabobohan ko. Kidding aside, we get along really really well and I’ve made so many friends already. They really make me happy!

Realizing that your HS grades and awards are OBSOLETE. – However, the skills and talents you’ve developed in your secondary level will be beneficial. Once you’ve mastered your learning styles, academic strengths, extra curriculars, college will be a smoother ride than usual. BUT DON’T BE COMPLACENT. Your grades and awards don’t mean anything once you set foot in college. No one will bother to ask you if you graduated with honors or not. Pantay pantay kayong lahat.

“Lowering” your academic standards. – If you excel in high school, be prepared to meet people who are smarter and more skilled than you. Look forward to more challenging subjects too. It’s not that I’m saying that you’ll flunk once you enter college but getting a good grade is now a matter of survival. You’ll be pushed beyond limits. Swertihan sa prof at singka-sipag lang talaga ang labanan. Right now, I’m not into getting that 90 above grade anymore, just as long as I pass the subjects then I’m good. But of course, I still strive harder regardless of what I achieve. NATURAL SELECTION IS COMING FOR YOU.


Dealing with Anxiety – I did prepare myself for the worst. A week after I turned 19, my lolo met an accident, fractured his femur, and was hospitalized for two weeks. What a way to welcome my 19th year, right? His surgery was successful but the findings showed a little bit of problem, we thought it was the onset of another bad sickness but thankfully, the biopsy was benign. He’s now on the road to recovery after a while.

Aside from what happened to him, one of my worries was about my course. On the last week of August, I got a relatively low prelim grade (well, low for my standards. I still passed, though.) in one major subject and this makes me think twice if I’m really in the right course. “Did I make the right choice about Psych? Or was I meant for Comm? Or should I pursue my Culinary dreams? Will I be an irregular student?” There are so many thoughts running in my mind but I know it’s just an adjustment period and I believe I can do better.

Recovering from chickenpox. –  Going back, because I was staying in the hospital for duties (in taking care of my lolo) before and after classes, I think I got the varicella virus from the people there. Therefore, chickenpox happened. I was absent for a week and guess what? I missed my prelim exams because of this. Sounds fun, right? Thankfully, my case was milder because I am vaccinated. I only had a few lesions on my arms, I only experienced malaise, and I didn’t get any on my face. I recovered faster too.

What happened is just a reminder that sometimes, no matter how positive or hopeful you are, sometimes life just tests how tough you are. Pain is inevitable and it’s something we should experience in order to be strong. In the weeks I experienced all these, I learned that you just need learn how to bend, not break. 

That’s all.

Life Lately : Summer Story Vol. 3










They say that summer after high school is the best summer ever because you have it all to yourself and it’s upon you whether you waste your time or not. In hopes of making this statement true, here are a few things that’s currently making me live a not so mundane and boring life.

  • Growing my hair – Freedom it is! I’m finally free from any school rules and that includes the inescapable haircut policy. ‘Di ko gets mga Catholic school bakit bawal ang long hair sa mga lalaki, eh si Jesus nga long hair eh! Joke lang, wag seryosohin! Hahaha! Because everyone else is either shaving their head or coloring their hair, I’ll just sit down and let it grow. It’s been three months since I last had a proper haircut and now I’m on the verge of trimming it on my own. And I actually did. I mentioned that I hate how high maintenance this is but I’ll endure it because I want to have a hair like LA Aguinaldo’s. However, as of press time, I just had a new haircut and it just feels so refreshing and light. Adios, slicked back long hair. Haha!
  • Working from Home – While other people are traveling and having fun during summer, here I am working on my pending blog entries, and helping in our family business. Aside from that, I’m also a part time kasambahay. Sometimes I do the groceries, I cook meals, I fold the laundry and I do some of the household chores too. This is also the first break that I didn’t get to ruin my body clock. Maayos ang tulog ko. Habang nagwawaldas ng pera yung iba, ako naman kumakayod. Haaay, I’m such a good son talaga. I should be rewarded with skin products (hiiiiii mom and dad). Kidding aside, things are just getting bigger and better for our business! Can’t wait for this project to be finished. PSA: Kami po yung may-ari ng Old Town Ensaimada in case you’ve already tasted them. Hehe. And ako po yung gumagawa ng brownies and they’re my own recipe! Message me for orders! 😉
  • Major Plans – There are a few exciting things I can’t wait to share with all of you! First was purchasing my own domain which I’ve been dying to own since I was 15. Guys, welcome to ANDREIPARAS.COM.  Aside from that, the coming months will be very promising and there’s something waiting for you guys on my birth month. Only a few people know about it! Can’t believe I’ve painted my dreams. I’ve dropped hints in this post and on my Instagram stories before if you pay close attention. Truth be told, this has been planned long before I graduated. Can’t be thankful enough that the opportunities are the ones approaching me and not the other way around!
  • Spending time alone and with family – At long last, I was given ample time for myself. It’s actually very refreshing to stay away from school and from other people for quite a while and just spend time alone or with your family. Natupad yung wish kong magka-peace of mind. Iba pala talaga pag nalayo ka sa toxic na environment. I’ve spent time alone in the mall last month and it’s just very peaceful. Having a “me time” every once in a while is necessary too. I love the fact that I’m surrounded by my family and we get to spend everyday together. It’s just so calming and their presence makes everything feel better. We get to spend weekends going out and about (as always) and this makes this break more meaningful and fun. Every night is family night as well! Bawing-bawi yung nawalang family time ko because of school. 
  • Netflix – It’s my new addiction. Why did I not learn about this sooner?! I’m currently obsessed with the British Royal Family because of The Crown and other shows about the royals. Aside from that, I’m also into lifestyle (food and travel) documentaries too!
  • Rekindling my love for Arts – Since I’m on a long term break, it’s high time that I should go back to pointillism and coffee painting. The last time I did was three years ago and now’s the perfect time to make a comeback! My recent art works are for my model crushes Kelsey Merritt  and Maureen Wroblewitz!
  • Culinary Love – You should be aware that I spend more time in the kitchen than any other part of the house. I’m not even kidding! Two years ago I was into making my own Japanese cuisine which was so goddamn difficult to make. Last year was about American and probably the easiest. This year is all about Italian cuisine because I’m currently feeding on pasta and pizza. I make pasta sauces, pizza crusts and recipes, and breads all from scratch! It’s quite challenging but the results are worth it. Sana lumaki na biceps ko sa kaka-knead ng pizza dough. Haha! Actually mas marami pa akong nakain na pasta than rice this summer. Pizza all day every day!
  • Prepping for college – Honestly, I’m looking forward to going to college more than ever. I’m very hopeful and positive about this because Psychology is something that interests me and I can’t wait to explore this discipline more. I couldn’t wait to apply what I learn in Psych in real life. I strongly believe that this is made for me and I’m made for this. And I know it’s going to work on my advantage. There’s plenty of career choices if you finish Psychology, and that’s just great because I believe I haven’t picked the perfect career path for me yet. As of this writing, I’m actually thinking of pursuing medicine because I’m thinking of becoming a Dermatologist. Pero dahil may food business kami at mahilig naman akong magluto, naiisipan ko ring mag-chef. Bahala na! Dasal lang talaga. Hahaha! Future MD or future chef? Hmmm.


That’s it for the third volume of my Life Lately Summer Story series! Stalk me if you want to see the first two entries! See you all again in summer 2019. 🙂

(What I’m wearing: Denim button down from H&M, shorts from Uniqlo, aviators from Sunnies Studios)

Locations: Berthaphil II, Clark; Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City


Veni, Vidi, Vici.



At this very moment, happiness is an understatement. No words can express how wonderful I’m feeling right now knowing that I made it this far amidst all the plot twists and turns I encountered in the past ten months—or should I say, the past 12 years. The sleepless nights, painstaking efforts, and stressful days of the past 6 years all come down to this significant day. This moment is the culmination of my 12 year stay in HFA, and you know that I hold my alma mater dear to my heart. I am thankful for every single thing—the important lessons, both important and obsolete, the friends that turned into family, and the happy memories that I will forever cherish.

Looking at how far I’ve come never fails to make me feel sentimental. Merely thinking that it will never be the same again is also a tough pill to swallow. There were lots of questioning and doubts along the way. I constantly felt lost, I felt that what I’m doing is pointless, I felt that everything doesn’t make sense. I felt stuck. The uncertainty is killing me and the anxiety is slowly getting the best out of me. I have questioned Him a lot of times, I endlessly doubted myself, and I just wanted to quit. I thought I won’t make it. But looking at it now, all that had happened serve a purpose. God has led me to the right path and He has given me the answers I’ve been dying to know. I know why He placed me in this certain spot. His plans are slowly starting to unfold and all the puzzle pieces have come together. I successfully finished Senior High School, I excelled in the strand I was forced—hesitant, even—to take.

Truth be told, I am more than grateful for having experienced K-12 and for being part of the pioneer batch of DepEd. Sounds perplexing, I know, as I projected sheer disgust over this issue two years ago. You might be wondering why I express gratitude over the additional two years in high school. It’s because during these years that I finally found my potential and my confidence. Big thanks to all my role models and inspirations who have motivated me in achieving what I have right now! My Senior High School experience was absolutely remarkable as I journeyed my way to the top. The first four years in junior high school were nothing compared to Senior High. The achievements I had this year alone outnumbered all my junior high achievements combined. All the fun moments and unforgettable memories happened in the past two years as well. I was lucky enough that Senior High happened in my time for it brought out the best in me and made me shine even brighter. It was my year.

On the lovely side of that, I was given more than what I expected— performance tasks, writings, research studies, and everything that required mental and physical strength come in increasing number. There were blessings on top of another. I had the power and authority because of my position. There were exclusive perks and privileges I enjoyed as a writer. Frankly, I was fortunate enough to ace almost everything—academics, extra curriculars, my online presence, relationships with my family and friends, and most importantly, my self-fulfillment. I had the best of everything. It was overwhelming but come to think of it, I am beyond blessed and I am having the time of my life.

On the other other side of the coin, there were people who tried to destroy me and my reputation. My drive and my academic competence has been trivialized as nuisance, and my newfound confidence has been mistaken as arrogance. There were people who doubted me, who attacked me for my personal choices and convictions, and hated me for giving my all in everything I do. And to tell you honestly, in my quest for excellence I felt truly alone. No one understands how driven I was to make the most out of everything and there’s this lingering feeling that I was the only one working hard, that I was the last one standing. Some days I felt that whatever I do will never be right for others, that in their eyes I will never win. The negative atmosphere nearly took its toll on me and almost affected my mental health. But I thought that was it. I thought that the seemingly difficult situations were over until I lost people I love—literally and figuratively. There’s the never ending high school drama by toxic people. Oh, and I forgot to mention that this goes with the ever present negative thoughts. I was terrified of the idea of not meeting the expectations and standards I set for myself. I’m afraid of being a failure. Of being a disappointment. It was tough. However, I know that all the pain and sorrow I experienced yesterday have made me stronger and wiser.  As optimistic as I can, I know that these adversities are opportunities for growth. They are vital for our development. I am well aware of the fact that pain is inevitable and as John Green says, it demands to be felt.

Inasmuch as I want to quit, I remember my younger self saying that I should remember why I started. That quitting is never an option, that whatever I’m going through will eventually pass. Seeing my old entries and recalling how motivated I was to get to the finish line makes me want to do even better. I know that I have more people who constantly support and love me than those who deliberately pull me down. The detractors and critics were my biggest motivators. I always tell myself that I need to prove them wrong and I need to step up my game. Instead of sulking and getting consumed by negativity, I used it as a fuel to drive my way to success. If you experience the same, a change in mindset is all you need. You have the power to block negativity from your mind and not to let it get into you. It’s all in the mind. You either let it destroy you or strengthen you. Look at the bigger picture and convert negative situations into positive learning experiences. It ain’t as easy as it looks but here I am right now.

Remember that you need to find ways to get back up once you trip. And in times of adversities, remember to start strong, to stay strong, and to end strong. You have to keep up with the pressure, both from within and from the external forces around you. You just need to keep on getting better than you were before. Focus on your own race and stop looking at your competitors because YOU ARE YOUR BIGGEST COMPETITOR. I always preach that you need to compete with yourself, and that’s what I did. Let me say it louder for those in the back, instead of pouring your energy on other people’s lives, focus on yourself and your own progress. Focus on what matters. You have to remember why you are doing this and who you are doing it for. Is it for yourself? For your family? For God? Think about it.

With all that in mind, I managed to end the school year with a bang. As luck would have it, I am graduating with distinction  and with a couple of awards I managed to collect in the past year. Albeit the road was bumpy and the ride was tough, I found my way to happiness and success. As quoted in Designated Survivor, “There’s no victory without sacrifice.” and all the sacrifices and opportunity costs paid off. It was worth the blood, sweat, and tears. I know I deserve what I have right now because I worked hard for it. True, these things may be forgotten soon but what matters now is how I managed to survive and achieve them all. God has given me enough strength and courage to face everything. All experiences taught me how to value integrity, responsibility, and perseverance. Senior High taught me the value of education and hard work. ‘Di ibig sabihing nakikita mong tinatamad mag-aral ang iba ay tatamarin ka rin. Dapat hangga’t kaya mo, gawin mo. Don’t conform to their standards just to fit in. Don’t drag yourself into the incompetence of others and never settle for mediocrity. Remember, your education is something that cannot be taken away from you. The learning experience might be mentally draining but it’s going to work for your advantage in the long run.

I am extremely grateful that I belong to this experimental batch, I’m thankful that I was given enough time for myself for I have grown and developed into a more matured person. The universe has given me time to decide and to prepare for my future as well.

Senior High might have been a burden to some but it’s more of a blessing to me. I know that it will benefit me in the long run and it prepared me for all the things ahead. It taught me lessons I need more knowledge about. It opened my eyes about important things. I am thankful for all the experiences I had and now that I am graduating, I vow to bring all of these lessons and memories with me as I go on further in life. This is just the beginning and I am just getting started. May God guide me for all that’s ahead. UIOGD.

There are things I would like say to the following people who played a vital role in this journey:

To the Almighty Father, THANK YOU. Thank You for giving me everything—the guidance, protection, blessings, answered prayers, every single thing. Thank You for finally making me realize that it was all part of Your plan. I will always let Your will be done. All of this is for You and for Your greater glory.

To my parents and my whole family for the support, guidance, and love you continue to give me. Thank you for giving me the best that the world has to offer just like getting a good education such as this. I promise to not let you down. I’m doing this for you and I hope I made you proud!

To my beloved advisers, teachers, and to the whole HFA community, words can’t express how much I loved being in this institution for more than half of my life. The quality education I got from Holy Family Academy is something I treasure the most and I promise to uphold the Benedictine values as long as I live. You all played a big role in my formation. I will miss you all!

To my real friends who were with me in this bumpy ride, I just want you to know how thankful I am for meeting you all and for always being there whenever we need each other.  You all made my high school life better than it ever was. You all know who you are!

To my followers and readers who keep on believing and supporting me, the little things you do are all appreciated and I’m thankful for all of you. You guys are one of the reasons why I am doing what I love. You are one of the reasons why I’m here. Thank you all!

This milestone won’t be possible to achieve without all your love and support. I am eternally grateful.


the guy in navy blue blazer

Andrei Mari Chilian T. Paras

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Holy Family Academy

Class of 2018